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dionnevell galona is the most fickle minded girl you'll ever meet in this planet, i swear.

prelims week are here again, ho-hum...

... but come to think of it, its my last prelims. :D


im so happy. our defense was moved to february 2 & 3. more time for polishing!
and the csb ivs was moved sometime in march. i can debate!!!

woohoo!!!! *imitating kayleen's tone*
jan 13: management accounting prelims o_O
jan 20: submission of full blown paper
jan 16-20: preliminaries
jan 26 & 27: AB thesis holiday. thesis defense. I WANT TO JOIN THE CSB IVs

happy new year everyone!

classes are here again. ho-hum. 

all i wanted last christmas is a boga and i didnt get it.

merry (?!) christmas

have you seen the local news lately? 24 died in ormoc because a grocery store got burned. and a kid died in an amusement park because her ride malfunctioned and fell. and it all happened on christmas day. terrible.

AB rocks.

is so love my college. classes have been off for four days already.

what a day

woke up with 14 messages in my inbox. all from my blockmates. the first three told me that classes were cancelled for today. the next four repealed it and stated that janet (the secretary in ab dean's office who gets pregnant every year) just told them that there are, in fact, classes. then the last seven finally declared that classes would depend on the professor's discretion.

and just thirty minutes ago, my block was constantly texting each other for news about my public admiministration professor who's considering to meet us from 4-7pm. thank god he did not consider the idea.

i spent half of this day lying in my bed and made globe earn more profits. finally, i decided to come here in the library and hang out with judy and abbie.

huwaaaaa !!!!!

taken 30 minutes ago. saw him in AB: 

duncil fever

sorry, i know medyo OA na but i just can't help but post this: